I dare you

Dare to be more than a creation Be a creator Dare to be more than a pen Be the ink Dare to be more than a car Be the wheel Dare to be more than clay Be a potter Dare to be more than a father Be a good dad Dare to be more than... Continue Reading →


You Scarred Me

I was young Young at heart I was in my formative years Times when I was discovering myself Like the time of organogenesis to a foetus So were those times to me As thalidomide is to the foetus So was exam malpractice to me.   Oh! How I thought I was loved Little did I... Continue Reading →


TAKE RESPONSIBILITY  When speaking to freshers at his university on the need to study and what is required for success, sleepless nights and all. He was asked by a student what he does to stay awake. To this he replied "I take responsibility". Taking responsibility is adopting the mindset that  No one but you is... Continue Reading →


Be Your Own Man It's unpopular to have an opinion different from that of the general populace.  When you voice an opinion carved out of the hardcore truth,  one that confronts the notion of a people in denial, they turn on you. No one smiles at you when you wash their open wounds with methylated... Continue Reading →


Be Misunderstood Everybody is "okay" with you as long as you maintain status quo with them.  They relate with you because you understand their plight. Well, you wear same shoes, figuratively, so why wouldn't you understand? The moment you "break rank", the moment you decide to move to a higher ground, they dislike you. Why?... Continue Reading →

Land line or Mobile phone?

As a young child I remember the phone booth, where people queue up to call and reach out to their loved ones and business associates. The average citizen could not afford a telephone in his home and the telephone booth was one of the few means of reaching out to people some distance away. At... Continue Reading →

Allow me to introduce myself

"I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no oth­er gods before me." Exo 20:2-3. Isn't it worthy of note? That God asked Moses to prepare the people to meet him, through a series of rituals over a number of days. Then... Continue Reading →

Avra Kehdabra

Old Aramaic, meaning - I will create as I speak. From it the magicians coined their favourite "abracadabra". I often imagine, when God said "let their be light" (Gen 1:3), what language did he speak? Couldn't he have used gestures or just imagined things into being? Did he have to speak? What were his thoughts... Continue Reading →

The cave Adullam

1st Sam 22:1-2 David therefore de­parted thence, and escaped to the cave Adullam: and when his brethren and all his fa­ther's house heard it, they went down thith­er to him. And ev­ery one that was in dis­tress, and ev­ery one that was in debt, and ev­ery one that was discon­tented, gath­ered them­selves unto him; and he became a captain over them: and... Continue Reading →

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