So past week wasn’t easy at all. After lecture on Friday I was so weak to walk to my room. Before I could get to the room fever joined the weakness so I managed to locate my bed and this God sent sleep visited and took my pains but on waking up I met the fever x5 and this time it came with her grandchildren…joint pain, ulcer symptoms…ha!!!!! 2days later it invited hallucination believe me I was wishing death to come as nobody believe that am sick “bia Nechey you look normal to me o” everyone kept saying 

Hmmmm following the above…i can eat eeeh…the more I eat the more hunger knocked and the more I loss weight.

So the doctor sent me for investigation querying a liver pathology honestly before the result came out….i was already dead  as I kept asking myself what if it’s cancer or so


mething more serious than cancer

Finally the result came out….ooooooo!!!!!  VERY Low WBC…..imagine ….

“You fell so sick because there was nothing fighting infections “the doctor explained.
Hmmmmmmm!! See me o..WBC and I was begging God to take me…but if my whole system went mad because of low WBC caused my ordinary GIT infection ……….(let’s keep the question )

But my RBC, platelet etc was ok…. why can’t the body respect itself and manage what it have…that was when I remembered that they have different functions

But then I learnt a lesson
Few weeks before then I kept telling myself “Chinecherem, your prayer alter is becoming cool ooo” but I consoled myself with Shea my word life is intact abi..i worship..i praise eeeh na they can cover for the prayer….but just like the blood cells these spiritual cells (prayer, the word, worship,praises,envanglism etc)have their own function..non can cover for the othe
r .

And I know if I run a spiritual test the absence of prayer must have made my spiritual life so sick….

Don’t wait for any of the cells to go down….pray, study the word..etc non can cover for the other else you fall spiritual sick…


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