come, eat, drink without pay

Have you ever been so hungry for God that you stay all night searching the scriptures asking repeatedly “where are you God?, why seem so far from me?”
You groan and wonder and sleep off with the thought troubling you. Food tastes like saw dust and all social activities suddenly begins to bore you. You try to indulge in other things but the hunger gets deeper, you pray yet you are insatiable.
“Surely, other brethren must be experiencing such as I am presently. Surely I am not alone”. you go to “brethren” around you and pour out your heart to them but they look at you strangely and caution ou seriously that you should take this Christian race with ease. They tell you to ‘relax’. Silently you sing “shall my zeal no respite know, shall my tears forever flow…” And you only consolation at the moment is the cry of David at a time like yours in psalm 42, “as the deer pants after the water brooks so pantheth my soul after you oh God, where shall I find him? Deep calleth unto deep at the sound of …”
You take joy in singing the verse
“There is a longing only you can fill. A raging tempest only you can still, my soul is thirsty Lord to know you as I’m known…take me deeper…deeper in love with you…deeper than I’ve ever been before, how I long to be deeper in love…”

For as many as experience such or did you were and are not alone. There are a few out there who know that yearning. Yours may have been quietened as a result of the pressures around you or because other ‘brethren’ seem not to know that passion. Hold on brother, hand on sister, God promised to fill those who thirst and hunger for him. Wait for that filling.
Be careful however that your hunger is not diminished by nibbling at the table of the world, being filled with dark passions instead. Look to Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith.
Lots of Love.

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