What is WILL; The ability to decide what to do independent of any outside influence. This single ability is the cause of mans problem. Man was created by God in his own image and ‘likeness’, know ye not that ye are Gods. Have you ever sat to think about the implications of his likeness? Have you ever sat to think of what it means to be a God? One of the many abilities of a God is the ability to make independent decisions. The greatest problem of man is ability to make his own independent decision. Sin was born into this world because of the independent will of man, note this; no sin committed on earth was forced by the devil. There is this confusing question people normally ask; God said he regrets ever creating man. Since God knows all, why didn’t he stop the serpent from giving the fruit to eve in other to prevent sin from being born into earth?  Let me start from the genesis of creation. After man was created, man was told by God not to eat the fruit of a particular tree. The devil being angry that man was made in the image of God and loved very much by God, he decided to exploit the one thing that made us Gods, his (Gods) likeness which is the ability to have a controlled will. Eve being the weaker vessel, the devil went to her and offered her the fruit that was commanded by God not to be eaten. Eve called adam and gave him the fruit to eat as well. God was aware of this, yet he waited till they ate the fruit. Back to the question, why didn’t he stop them? The answer is WILL, God made man able to choose whatever man desires.
The will of man will never result to anything that glorifies God, because mans will works in line with what glorifies or satisfies the flesh. But here is the good news, God made available a shepherd of mans soul. When man decides to accept Jesus as his lord and saviour, the will of man is now overshadowed by the will of God, the life and choices of man is now controlled by what glorifies God. You begin to see men who were slaves to immorality now disgusted by the thought of it, men who lived as slaves to sin now live with dominion over sin. When a match stick is lit, a little wind that acts on it can turn it off but if well nurtured, it can set


an entire house on fire. When it sets a house on fire, this time if acted upon by very heavy wind, the fire will as a result of this wind will grow even bigger. When Jesus is born in man, if man stays unprotected, heeds to temptations of all kinds, away from the things of the spirit there will be no manifestation of Gods will in such life. But when Jesus is born in a man and he feeds his spirit with the word of God, sits at the feet of God to learn. When trials and temptations come his way, they will only make him stronger. Then the will of God will fully manifest in man’s life.
A question for you;
Do you live by your will or is your will controlled by the shepherd of our souls (God)?
I pray Gods will dominates our lives in Jesus name, Amen.



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