Want to share a story of a world known and feared terrorist.

This celebrated terrorist was known to have killed thousands of men, women and children; finally he was caught and arrested.

 Knowing how dangerous he is, he was sent to the most secure prison on earth where he was contained and sentenced to spend his eternity.

The most shocking thing happened, he escaped.

When the news was out, fear took over the hearts of many; the world was threatened by this news.

This man knowing he was wanted by the police, made sure to never lose his guard and risk being seen by the police.

So he went and hid in the house of anyone that was either comfortable with keeping him or out of fear of what he might do, decide to keep him.

Finally he found his way into the wrong house, the owner called the police and he was arrested and sent to a place where there was no escape.

The story above can be likened to our lives.

JESUS arrested SIN on the cross of Calvary, SIN is an escapee just like the terrorist looking for a hiding place in you.

My question for you today?

Which do you belong to, are you the one that is keeping SIN because you are comfortable with it or one that is scared of it or will you be the man that will expose SIN to JESUS.

Identify who you are and do that which is right.

God bless you as you do this. AMEN.



On this faithful evening, I was getting ready to warm my dinner. As always, I picked up a lighter and got it to bring out fire. In the process of turning the gas on, fire came up and left my hand in serious pain as a result of a burn. Thinking and tending to the pain I was feeling, I slept.

I woke up in a pathway, right in front of two roads leading to different places. Then I heard a voice saying ‘welcome to this wonderful place’. Smiling, I asked where I was headed, the same voice replied saying today you will walk through the broad road. I did as I was instructed, following the exact road, I kept moving. On getting to the end of the road I heard screams, I heard voices of men, women, youths, children shouting for help and forgiveness. I quickly ran to know what was happening.

To my greatest shock, right before me was HELL. I saw people screaming, crying, pleading with the lamb for mercy. I looked deep to see if their skin would be condemned then probably watch to see to see them die and stop feeling such terrible pain since it was certain I could do nothing. But they were just as though nothing was affecting their skin. The pain was one that would last every second of eternity. With tears and sorrow in my heart, I could not help but wish I were God.

Then I heard an angry voice that came with thunder. Saying ‘I AM THE LAMB OF GOD, I WAS SLAIN BECAUSE OF THEM, WITH MY BLOOD I PURCHASED THEM FOR GOD, I MADE THEM LIVE WITH GRACE. REMEMBER, I SAID IN MY WORD. If anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he would be thrown into the lake of fire were there will be gnashing of teeth and no mercy.

Finally I woke up with fear in my heart and tears on my eyes with a burning zeal and desire to tell you this one thing.





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