Be Your Own Man

It’s unpopular to have an opinion different from that of the general populace. 

When you voice an opinion carved out of the hardcore truth,  one that confronts the notion of a people in denial, they turn on you. No one smiles at you when you wash their open wounds with methylated spirit. 

To succeed,  make up your mind to stand ‘alone’. Even God said “I sought for a man. Decide to do the right thing To the right time. 

Search for yourself, the “truth” about matters that pertain to life and stick to it. Of course all truth about matters in life is found reliably in the Bible. Study to show yourself approved. When you find this truth, be unapologetic about it. That is not to say you’re to rub it in people’s faces. Just have the truth and be confident about it. When the time is right, voice that opinion of truth in love, to teach, not to prove the ignorance of others. 

Stay tuned for more. 

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