I dare you

Dare to be more than a creation Be a creator Dare to be more than a pen Be the ink Dare to be more than a car Be the wheel Dare to be more than clay Be a potter Dare to be more than a father Be a good dad Dare to be more than... Continue Reading →



TAKE RESPONSIBILITY  When speaking to freshers at his university on the need to study and what is required for success, sleepless nights and all. He was asked by a student what he does to stay awake. To this he replied "I take responsibility". Taking responsibility is adopting the mindset that  No one but you is... Continue Reading →

The cave Adullam

1st Sam 22:1-2 David therefore de­parted thence, and escaped to the cave Adullam: and when his brethren and all his fa­ther's house heard it, they went down thith­er to him. And ev­ery one that was in dis­tress, and ev­ery one that was in debt, and ev­ery one that was discon­tented, gath­ered them­selves unto him; and he became a captain over them: and... Continue Reading →


Want to share a story of a world known and feared terrorist. This celebrated terrorist was known to have killed thousands of men, women and children; finally he was caught and arrested.  Knowing how dangerous he is, he was sent to the most secure prison on earth where he was contained and sentenced to spend... Continue Reading →


On this faithful evening, I was getting ready to warm my dinner. As always, I picked up a lighter and got it to bring out fire. In the process of turning the gas on, fire came up and left my hand in serious pain as a result of a burn. Thinking and tending to the... Continue Reading →


by John MacArthur You’re likely familiar with the concept of a “white lie.” It’s any lie that, due to mitigating circumstances, honorable intentions, or limited scope, is considered negligible . Plenty of people believe that lying can be acceptable and even justifiable in certain circumstances. They argue that noble motives and the need of the... Continue Reading →

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