You Scared me 

I was young

Young at heart

I was in my formative years

Times when I was discovering myself 

Like the time of organogenesis to a foetus

So were those times to me

As thalidomide is to the foetus 

So was exam malpractice to me. 

Oh! How I thought I was loved

Little did I know I was robbed

Robbed of my self esteem 

Robbed of my confidence 

Like the struggle of a caterpillar before it blossoms to be the butterfly 

So was the struggle essential to my glory

As interference with the struggle is lethal to the caterpillar 

So was interference destructive to me. 

I could have fought it, but I didn’t know better 

Would have said “no thanks” to the outstretched arm intending to help

I was carried across the fence, eventually, what a relief 

Only to see I was ill prepared to climb the mountain confronting me

I searched within 

Alas, I had no tools nor skill in mountain climbing 


Why did I let them carry me across the fence?

Would have insisted I be taught how to climb it. 

Dear father

Sweet mother

I appreciate all the fish you’ve given me

I wish you also taught me to catch fish 

You wish you’d always be there to give me fish 

Life has taught me its a mere fantasy 

Teach me to catch fish, teach me the process

Allow me to fall

For in falling I learn to walk

Let me pass through the process

Let me stutter 

For in stuttering I learn to talk

Let me pass through the process

Don’t be ashamed when my clothes have oil stains

For in that I learn to handle the spoon

Let me pass through the process.
Dear school principal 

Most honourable teacher

Refuse to be persuaded when my parents coax you with envelops to promote when I fail

You play a pivotal role in this nation, what becomes of it is your responsibility 

For we all pass through you, go on and shape the future you want

Be consumed with the quality of your product

Exam malpractice is a silent thief. 

It steals the future 

It robs one of confidence 

It robs one of self esteem 

Stop exam malpractice today. 


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